These are the Rarest Bespoke Hypercars in the World!

Italdesign are responsible for some of the rarest and most bespoke hypercars in the world, so join me to explore their HQ in Italy! From the likes of the original Bugatti Chiron concept, to their Zerouno ultra-limited series and the limited run of the 50 Nissan GT-R50 units; let’s explore and see behind the scenes how these cars are developed.

Kicking things off in the museum, we are greeted by all sorts from the VW W12 to the DMC Delorean, mixing in the Zerouno prototype, Lamborghini and Ferrari concepts and even the original Bugatti Chiron concept that went on to become the Veyron as we know it!

From there we venture in to go for a tour and see more of the process behind the scenes, how the cars are developed in the HMI Lab, the virtual reality systems that allow you to explore and learn more, plus the materials that are on offer for the interior finishes. Then it’s to the Ultra-Limited Series Assembly line where the likes of the Zerouno and the Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign are assembled and built.

Thanks for watching, Tim


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