It’s this SHOCKINGLY Easy to Steal a Car!? Bye Bye My Focus RS

Prepare to be shocked by just how easily your pride and joy can be stolen by a relay attack! Car theft numbers are rising fast, and with my Focus RS parked on the driveway, we see a live demonstration of just how quickly a criminal can steal the car and drive it away. Scary isn’t it?!

There are now millions of cars being stolen per year via relay attacks whereby criminals get their hands on devices that can read and repeat the signal from your car’s fob to enable keyless access. The key itself can be hundreds of metres away from the car, yet by this method the car can be instantly unlocked, started up, and driven off, and this is quite clearly a major problem.

To demonstrate, we are joined by Henk van Vliet from KIWA SCM, the certification institute in the Netherlands, who are leading the charge against these kind of vehicle thefts. With demonstration equipment for the purpose you can immediate see how this is done, a process that affects everything from Ford Focuses and Fiestas, and VW Golfs, through your Mercedes AMGs, BMW Ms, Audi RS’ and Range Rovers all the way up even to supercars if they feature keyless access fobs that don’t have a prevention method to relay attacks.

This is where Keyless Protector step in, offering products that will safe guard your keys through different techniques to prevent the car from being stolen so easily. With the system installed to the keys of the Audi SQ5 and then also to my Focus RS, we can see first hand the difference that it makes in preventing this attack.

You can find out more about the Keyless Protector systems here and should you wish to acquire one, you can find your local dealer here:

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