Here’s Why My Vantage GT8 is a KEEPER!

I always say that my Aston Martin Vantage GT8 is such a special car to me, against all of the odds, so why exactly is it a keeper and part of my permanent garage? Let’s meet with some other GT8 and Vantage AMR owners for a convoy to Prodrive to get more of a feel for why I like it so much.

Kicking off from London we can enjoy a noisy start up on the way to the first meet point at a motorway services. From there is a convoy to Prodrive where the pack significantly enlarges with 10 GT8s and a whole array of AMRs and other special Aston Martins. Not only that but we’re also in the company of the #97 winning Le Mans 24h car from 2017 – for which the GT8 is really the closest road going sibling. After Prodrive we’re back on the country roads to head to a lunch stop; enjoying the sounds from the titanium exhausts as we make our way.

The GT8 might not make sense, as I’ve said before because it’s too heavy, expensive and not that fast, but when you’re driving it on countryside roads in the UK there isn’t really much that can put a bigger smile on your face! On top of that, the owners are all enthusiasts and it’s a fantastic community as well making the car even more significant and special to be able to enjoy.

Thanks for watching, Tim


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