Should I Buy a Ferrari 812 Superfast?

Let’s talk about the Ferrari 812 Superfast; is this the car that’s going to scratch my V12 itch? After last driving Ferrari’s super-GT almost 2 years ago, it’s in a shortlist alongside the GTC4Lusso or Aston Martin’s DBS. Turns out, it’s just as fantastic as I remembered…

During a track day held at Silverstone by Topaz Detailing for their clients, I took a better look at this 812 to get a feel for whether it could be the one. A V12 engine is a notable absence from my garage and car collection after selling my former Vanquish Volanted and Ferrari FF. These are engines that won’t last forever and we’re in a great period of performance and experience before regulations make these kind of things impossible in future.

The 812 Superfast as the name suggests has an 800hp V12 and goes super fast. It’s a 2-seat grand-tourer with a front-mid engine that both sounds incredible and drives phenomenally well. When I first drove an 812 I was hugely impressed and in the time since I wondered if I would feel the same way on the second outing – and it turns out I do.

In the Ferrari line-up the 812superfast sits alongside a GTC4Lusso that would be the natural progression from my FF; offering a lot of the performance of the 812 with even more usability with the rear seats and extra luggage space – while sharing a similar naturally aspirated V12 albeit 100hp down. The Lusso also has the notable benefit of having been on the market slightly longer and therefore some cars are available at a lower price point following early depreciation.

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