This TechArt GT Street R Looks Epic! | VISIT

Now, this is a supercar! Let’s take a look at the TechArt GT Street R finished in Giallo Tristrato; one of the very best paint colours out there. Starting out as a Porsche 911 Turbo S, you could be fooled into thinking it was originally a track variety but the car takes power up to 720PS and undergoes a huge conversion. After checking out the GT Street R, let’s head to the 718 Cayman package for a tour and test drive to see what it’s about.

Having spent some time with a lime green GT Street R from TechArt earlier in the year, it’s a package that offers the ultimate for Autobahn blasting and as we experience; launch control in 2.5 seconds! This particular car in the triple-layer, pearlescent yellow colour from Ferrari contrasts incredibly well with the satin carbon fibre components found around it.

Moving to the 718 Cayman, it features aero parts as well as a power increase to 400PS and 480Nm making for an enjoyable sporty drive. Although the new exhaust adds something over the standard car it is still lacking the earlier 6-cylinder which makes it hard to gel with.

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