THIS is the Lexus LC 500 Sport+! | REVIEW

The Lexus LC 500 is a car that has intrigued me since its launch having personally been such a big fan of the LFA, and this coming from the very same factory. With a 5.0l V8 in a luxury 2+2 coupe, it’s also quite a break away from the main brands competing in this segment so join me at Jemca Lexus in Reading to take a full look around the car and a test drive to see what it’s made of!

With two versions available, this LC 500 with the V8 and an LC 500h with a 3.5l V6 support by hybrid, the car can come in a number of trim levels; the regular car, Sport and Sport+ as seen here with features including a carbon fibre roof, rear wheel steering and an active wing on the rear decklid. Here we have a car that costs £88,500, has 477PS and 540Nm, but a really exciting premium feel and level of refinement. Having not had too much experience with Lexus cars prior to now, let’s take a very detailed look inside and out of the LC 500 before enjoying to that heavenly sound on the roads!

Point of note, I was misinformed of the colour name, this car is in fact F Sport White, not Sonic White as mentioned.

Thanks for watching, Tim


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