The First McLaren Senna Has Been Spotted!

It was only a case of time, but the first McLaren Senna has been spotted on the roads! Initially presented to some very mixed feedback, the track hypercar is seen here in a very different appearance to the launch car and it looks incredible. What do you think, do dark colours clearly suit the awkward, angular shapes of the Senna better?

Having been present at the McLaren Winter Ball when the car was revealed for the first time, driven into the MTC by Bruno Senna, I have been convinced it’s one that’s better looking in person than images, mostly due to the extremity of design and unfamiliar proportions. When you’re up close to it and can take in how the aero works, and what it’s going to be capable of at the race track, things start to make more sense.

With an opportunity to share these pictures with you thanks to Luke from Hampshire Photography, we can see a gloss black, prototype Senna as it stopped to fuel up. Given the nature of the car, one where form entirely follows function and hence it lacks clean and smooth lines, the choice of a black paintwork hides some of that awkwardness and fussy styling in the design.

The choice of Mira Orange for the launch car, with a very long front overhang but also the rear wing being position quite forwards, gave almost a ‘toy car’ like first appearance. By disguising the front’s nose, and the large end plates of the rear wing in a darker colour, personally makes it look much more all rounded. But, I’m interested to hear from you, what do you think of the Senna now you can see it in another style?

There are vast numbers of renders floating around where the car is painted with various racing liveries, and again I think they suit it very, very well too. It will be intriguing to see how the owners of the 500 cars go about their specifications when deliveries start later this year.

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