$5m FERRARI SNOW DAY! Enzo, F50, F12tdf, GTC4Lusso

You can’t really beat a day like this, a full day of fun with @gregb.23 featuring four Ferraris, all armed with V12s! From going skiing with an Enzo, to driving an F50 hard, to donuts in the F12tdf and also drag racing against the GTC4Lusso, it’s fair to say this was one of the most action packed and exciting days of my life!

We get started with the epic line-up on snow feature his Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari F50 (my favourite car!), Ferrari F12tdf and Ferrari GTC4Lusso. First order of business is to put a ski rack on the Enzo, then to do some donuts, before I jump into the F50 for a proper drive on the mountain passes in convoy with everyone. That’s all before we reach the runway… cue F50 and TDF sliding around in circles around the Enzo, some major TDF drifts and misbehaviour, and even a drag race on snow between the F12tdf and GTC4Lusso – until a minor setback. None of this insanity would be possible without the legend that is @gregb.23, the man who uses his cars regardless of the situations and is so kind to share them with us: http://instagram.com/gregb.23

A big thanks also goes to RossoCorsa, the Ferrari dealership in Milan who prepared the Enzo and F50, and transported them up to Cortina for us to have some fun on this day. Please give them a follow on http://instagram.com/rossocorsa to show some support!

Thanks for watching, Tim

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