RELOAD: Flying Private Jet to Buy New Lamborghini

Yianni and good friend Enrique fly in luxury to the Lamborghini Factory/Museum in Bologna, Italy for a first exclusive, private look at a new Lamborghini. Enrique, who owns the 14 seater private jet, has bought one. Yianni is waiting for that loan to come through.

Due to the previous video inadvertently revealing a key piece of info on the secret Lamborghini we removed the previous video. The sensitive info has been edited out and the video released again as the Yianni: Supercar Customiser episode this features in is now aired.
Ep1 True Colours:

Joining them on this luxury lifestyle trip are Rue and Alan from Lamborghini London along with Anish, Gus and the Dave TV camera crew filming for Yianni: Supercar Customiser.

At Lamborghini, Yianni spots fellow Lamborghini fan LeBron James snooping around too.

No filming devices were allowed in to the viewing of the Lamborghini..

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