1403, 2018

Lancia Delta S4 On Full Attack

Check the website for S4- and other DVDs: Ex-Group B Cars, the Martini Car is still in original state. The other one is more modified and tuned especially for [...]

1403, 2018

Lancia Delta S4

“It’s a car enthusiast’s collection, right,” says John Campion. “I don’t have cars because I want to impress anybody. If you don’t know what a rally car is, you’re kinda [...]

1403, 2018

Utterly Brutal 600Hp Lancia Delta Integrale Watch This

Milan Bubnic surprised everyone at last year´s edition of Cividale Castelmonte Hillclimb by having his spectacular Delta powered with a 5 Cylinder 20V 2.2L Turbocharged inline engine. Although very Audi [...]