My AMG GT R – 20,000km Honest Update

It’s garage update time! The mileage is quickly accumulating in the AMG GT R, having now reached almost 20,000km so let’s have a report on what it’s been like so far and the costs along the way. Then it’s time to hint towards the future of the fleet and the launch of our new full Shmee150 shop!

The last update with the GT R was in Monaco when it unfortunately experienced a problem with the front intercooler that has needed replacing. While there at the dealer it also received a new windscreen as a result of a crack to the previous one but outside of that the car has been performing admirably and is one of my absolute favourites of all time. With the RENNtech tune and downpipe it’s a total riot and pure entertainment every single time.

Then let’s have a run through of the other cars in the fleet and where they are at the moment:
McLaren 675LT Spider
Aston Martin Vantage GT8
Porsche 911 GT3
Ford Focus RS Blue
Ford Focus RS Red Edition
Ford Focus RS Heritage Edition

And finally, moving onto the cars for the future with the Ford GT and TVR Griffith, plus one more surprise that will be revealed in a month or two – watch this space!

It’s also very exciting that we can now announce the launch of the brand new and fully comprehensive Shmee150 shop! Going a step ahead of a simple merchandise store, the new shop offers you products that you seen in the videos, from my equipment to accessories I might use, and if you’d like to see all the latest and get early information about what’s coming next, please sign-up at:

Thanks for watching, Tim


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