2018 WRC Rally Sweden. Round 2. SS 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 . Day 3

WRC 2018 Round 2 Rally Sweden. DAY 2 SS 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
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Welcome to the magnificent grand opening of Rally Sweden 2018 at Färjestadstravet in Karlstad. Meet the drivers at the autograph signing, watch the thrilling show, see the competition up close, and start off the rally together with fans from all over the world.

HiQ Arena
The famous Super Special Stage in Karlstad at Färjestadstravet – the local trotting course. The cars compete head to head in thrilling heats on the exciting track.

The world’s best rally, racing through the winter forests of Sweden and Norway.

This year’s rally takes us from Karlstad through Torsby and crosses over the Norwegian border. From there it winds back to Sweden on an easterly route to Hagfors and on to its final destination in Torsby.
These four days will be filled with snow, ice, hairpin curves, and hillcrests, not to mention Colin’s Crest.

You will find detailed information below about all the stages of the rally, the arenas, and official spectator areas.

Thursday February 15
08.00 Shakedown Skalla
12.00 Meet the crews
20.08 SS 1 Karlstad SSS 1

Friday February 16
06.00 Service Torsby
07.55 SS 2 Hof-Finnskog 1
09.07 SS 3 Svullrya 1
09.54 SS4 Röjden 1
11.31 Service Torsby
13.41 SS 5 Hof-Finnskog 2
15.03 SS 6 Svullrya 2
15.50 SS 7 Röjden 2
16.56 SS 8 Torsby 1
17.31 Service Torsby

Saturday February 17
07.05 Service Torsby
07.54 SS 9 Torntorp 1
09.12 SS 10 Hagfors 1
10.08 SS 11 Vargåsen 1
11.40 Service Torsby
12.44 SS 12 Torntorp 2
14.12 SS 13 Hagfors 2
15.08 SS 14 Vargåsen 2
17.45 SS 15 Karlstad SSS 2
19.26 SS 16 Torsby Sprint
19.56 Service Torsby

Sunday February 18
06.30 Service Torsby
07.50 SS 17 Likenäs 1
09.51 SS 18 Likenäs 2
12.18 SS 19 Torsby 2, Power Stage
13.00 Award ceremony

Rally Sweden is about so much more than rally: there’s speed, competition, stars, displays, music, food, drink and live performances – a true winter festival! And you decide how you want to experience it.

However you want to experience it don’t miss our arenas, which are great for rally veterans and newcomers alike. They offer an experience beyond the ordinary, often completely unique in the WRC.
World Rally Championship Löfbergs Lila Stadion

And in 2018 we’re looking forward to a bigger and better party than ever – both in terms of sport with more teams than we’ve had in a long time, and as regards the overall experience.

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